It’s starting to get warmer in most parts of the US now. You know what that means?! Corn will soon be coming into season! One of my favorite ways to eat corn is grilled, on the cob, Mexican style. Elote!

Elote is traditionally found as street food in Mexico and is a grilled or boiled corn on the cob coated in mayo and dusted with cotija cheese with lime and chili.

This is a super easy to make recipe and will add something special to your grill outs. I cook my corn on the cob by boiling it halfway and then finishing it on the grill for some of that charred flavor.

The sauce that goes on top is equal parts mayo and Mexican crema ( if you can’t find it sour cream will work in a pinch). If you have Parmesan cheese on hand, you can use that. If you’re out to buy some cheese for it, why not check to see if your grocer has cotija cheese? Liberally dust the cobs with a mixture of smoked paprika and chili powder and serve with a wedge of lime. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Ingredients: equal parts mayo and crema (or sour cream), a generous sprinkling of cotija cheese (or grated parm, maybe even crumbled feta), a dusting of chili powder and smoked paprika, and some lime!

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